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Firewall installation and management.

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You just installed your brand new firewall, you are trying to figure out which IP you allow through to the webserver, but the order of of operations has you more frustrated than the type-setter for an EE Cummings poem! Fear not! Dinky Networks has not only seen it all, we have done it all! Need to allow access to YouTube for only the CEO, but still make sure the gate guards are paying attention? We got you covered! Want to make sure users on VPN can only access the FTP server? Done! You need to set up a VPN tunnel using BGP that will allow only one remote user to access a single device, and we dont know what the users IP address will be on any given day?!... Yeah, we can do that too. Easy peasy.

Contact us for a firewall assesment for your business. Let us knock that out for you.

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Networking is what we do.

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